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Agata Mazepus, Poland, 2014 cohort alumnaThe idea of the programme itself is great. How otherwise to learn about the politics, societies, culture, and economy of the countries you study than experience it there? The opportunity to learn about the Central European region from the perspective of each country is uncanny. It is always better to hear the different sides of the story.
Agata Mazepus (Poland)


Jeyhun Ashirov, Azerbaijan, alumnusI have enjoyed the warm and friendly environment at CES where the high quality of education is being taught with innovative methods at historical Jagiellonian University.
Jeyhun Ashirov (Azerbaijan)




Daniela Ivankova, Slovakia, alumnaI consider Visegrad MA Programme as a great enrichment of my student life. I appreciate that we can study under experienced and qualified experts and they use different educational methods. This program is made for people who are not afraid of changes and they can adapt quickly to the new environment and new people.  The biggest advantage for me is the international environment, which helps to get rid of different prejudices. I am deeply interested in what I study and this programme gives me the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized education, which will be hopefully helpful for my future career.
Daniela Ivankova (Slovakia)

Daria Bovkun, Ukraine, alumnaDespite the fact that the program is quite young it has been developed with a qualified staff of professionals and people who are deeply involved in a process among all four countries of Visegrad.  Professors are highly qualified and interactive with students everyone has got its own approach making every seminar interesting and full of content. At the same time it`s not all about studying, at some point it`s about collaboration, exchanging of experience, knowledge, and ambitious thoughts with each other. Great people from all over the world are coming here, it`s a chance to reveal yourself and to reveal the diversity of cultures around you. We are thankful to be here, travel and discover the world together.
Daria Bovkun (Ukraine)